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Lois Lane Has Nothing On Me

...At least I had a nice time in Cardiff

...At least I had a nice time in Cardiff

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What the hell am I teaching my son? Lie, manipulate technology, take whatever you want without thinking? It's my own fault as much as anything, he didn't know better. He never knows better, and maybe that'st he problem.

I don't have time to worry about it now, I've got to help him pack before we leave and I'm so far behind on this bloody book I'm not sure I can catch up, and the things I saw at Torchwood-- I can't use them, that was the agreement, but oh, if I could... Doesn't matter. I can't. I won't. If there's one thing I've always had it's integrity, and that's not changing now.

What am I going to do with Luke? The impulsivity, the absolute lack of self-control-- It's getting worse, if my now-overlimit credit card can be considered evidence.

He's cleverer than I am, and more than capable of talking his way ot of any limit I might try to set. The logic's flawless, beautiful even. But logic guided by naive innocence, especially in someone as bright as Luke. He needs guidelines, broad ones, perhaps, but a guiding ethic he can apply to any situation, and try as I might to provide one, he won't hear it from me. I'm not a disciplinarian, never have been, and I don't want to be his enemy.

I think I may need the Doctor.

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