Lois Lane Has Nothing On Me

Sarah Jane Smith
28 May 1951
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I've seen things you wouldn't believe. I've written books, articles, and I even worked in television for a little while. I've nearly died more times than I care to think about. Over the years I've learned to kill a man with my bare hands. At least, I think I have. Self-defence never requires murder, not when merely rendering one's assailant unconscious will do the trick.

I've never married, and I have absolutely no intention of changing that this late in the game. My adopted son Luke is the only family I have, and he means the world to me. He is, in fact, the reason I'm typing into this little box on the internet. Must keep tabs on him, after all.

Since adopting Luke, my lifestyle has been forced to change a good deal. I have less time to write, much to my editor's dismay, and my travel schedule has been markedly altered.

In spite of regular exposure to both, I have little patience for senseless violence or deceit, and I absolutely despise being assumed to be helpless.

It should be noted that less means smaller in quantity, whereas fewer means smaller in number.

Oh, and don't call me SJ. It pisses me off.

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